Our team have over 35 years experience in the cinema industry, we understand what it takes to make an event successful and we pride ourself on reliable and honest information.


For our projection hire services it does require darkness to see an image on the screen, we advise 30 minutes after sunset for the earliest start time.

For our LED screens we can screen at anytime of day without any affect on quality of image.

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To screen any film in the UK you require a film license, this is to provide royalities to the films productors. It is essential that you gain a license, but don't worry its not a difficult process.

We recommend www.filmbankmedia.com who are the best providers in the UK’s go to for Screening Licenses.

We have a size guide available here to see how much space each screen requires.

If you're still not sure which setup is best suited for your event get in touch

If you're not sure on how to get started please do get in touch and one of our expert team will talk you through the simple process and help every step of the way.

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Yes, we have £20m public liability cover which enables us to attend even the biggest of venue's, and we've a 100% saftey and claim free record.

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Ideally Yes, however we do have generators that we can bring with us.

If you're not sure if you meet the power requirements on site, please don't hesitate to get in touch

For events with under 499 guests you will need to be covered under a tempoary events notice (TENs) this is a license provided by your local council to allow you to host the event. Over 500 guests you'll need a premises licence this is slightly more difficult to gain but allows you to run the event year on year without reapplying.

If you're not sure and need help with any licensing requirements, please don't hesitate to get in touch